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Your own domain name and e-mail address

Why have when you can have

Make the most of your domain name by having your own unique and personal email addresses

We can supply the domain name of your choice (subject to availability) and the e-mail addresses you want at that domain name

You can read and send your email from any computer with Internet access using web mail, or download it using Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or many other e-mail clients.

Unlike most e-mail suppliers, you will not need to be dialed in (via landline or broadband) to our servers, You will be able to send and receive mail from any location that has internet access

You may at any time add a web site to the domain hosted on our servers, or we can build your web site for you.

£4.99 per month per domain

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e-mails made easy

Carry on  using your preferred email application like Outlook, Eudora etc., and send e-mail no matter where you are. No need to resort to Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo email accounts to send email when traveling.

Signing up is easy, and setting up is even easier. Just enter our server name into your email setup once, and you need never worry about it again.

And in case you need to check that your e-mail has been sent,  you can access a full record of your outbound e-mail activity using the web mail interface.

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